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Telling the exciting story of the sun through science and discovery.

SolarSTEAM invites you to join our scientific community in heliophysics exploration. Be part of the excitement through our dynamic astronomy events, including the unforgettable total solar eclipse in 2024, and the much-anticipated solar maximum celebrations in 2024-2025. This peak in solar activity, occurring once every 11 years, offers a rare glimpse into the power and beauty of our closest star. Join SolarSTEAM in this exciting adventure as we unlock the mysteries of the Sun together.

Eclipse Imagery used for visual enhancement only

Eclipse 2024 Live from SIU Carbondale

Tune in to WSIU PBS or the SolarSTEAM YouTube channel from anywhere in the world on April 8 and watch our live broadcast of the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse. See totality from telescope feeds in Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Engage with amateur astronomers, eclipse chasers, and NASA scientists. Come along with us on an exciting journey as we follow the shadow from first contact in Mexico, to totality at SIU Carbondale, and through last contact in Canada.

Eclipse Imagery used for visual enhancement only

Eclipse Eve Live – Sky observers hangout

Join us on April 7, 2024 for this special episode of the Adler Planetarium of Chicago Sky Observers Hangout, broadcast in front of a live audience from the steps of Shryock Auditorium at Southern Illinois University. Adler’s astronomy educators, Michelle and Hunter, will ensure that you’re fully equipped to observe the eclipse, but they won’t be alone! Special guests from SIU, SolarSTEAM, and NASA will join them on-stream, so come with all your eclipse questions in the chat!

Eclipse Imagery used for visual enhancement only

Solar telescope feeds

SolarSTEAM in partnership with the Dynamic Eclipse Broadcast Initiative and SIU Carbondale brings you live multi-wavelength video telescope feeds from across North America for the 2024 total solar eclipse via in person events, WSIU PBS programming, and through our YouTube channels.  DEB processed imagery is available on the DEB image server from all 82 volunteer citizen science sites from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.

Eclipse Imagery used for visual enhancement only

SolarSTEAM at the Crossroads Astronomy Science and Technology Expo

Stop by the SolarSTEAM, NASA, and SIU STEM Education Research Center booths at the SIU Crossroads Astronomy Science and Technology Expo in the SIU Banterra Center on April 7 and 8, 2024.  Pickup your free eclipse glasses as well as other educational materials on our projects and the eclipse.